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  • Zhang YJ, Wang YF, Zhang C, Wang J, Pan DJ, Liu JH, Feng FD (2016) Targeted Gene Delivery to Macrophages by Biodegradable Star Shaped Polymers. Acs Applied Materials & Interfaces 8: 3719-3724 More 
    Shi DQ, Xu XQ, Ye YQ, Song K, Cheng YX, Di J, Hu QY, Li JX, Ju HX, Jiang Q, Gu Z (2016) Photo-Cross-Linked Scaffold with Kartogenin-Encapsulated Nanoparticles for Cartilage Regeneration. Acs Nano 10: 1292-1299 More 
    Jiang SJ, Wang QH, Huang Z, Song AY, Peng Y, Hou SY, Guo SY, Zhu WY, Yan S, Lin ZY, Gao X (2016) Gastric Bypass Surgery Reverses Diabetic Phenotypes in Bdnf-Deficient Mice. American Journal of Pathology 186: 2117-2128 More 
    Jia WJ, Jiang S, Tang QL, Shen D, Xue B, Ning W, Li CJ (2016) Geranylgeranyl Diphosphate Synthase Modulates Fetal Lung Branching Morphogenesis Possibly through Controlling K-Ras Prenylation. American Journal of Pathology 186: 1454-1465 More 
    Wang HY, Quan C, Hu CX, Xie BX, Du YA, Chen L, Yang W, Yang L, Chen QL, Shen B, Hu B, Zheng ZH, Zhu HB, Huang XX, Xu GW, Chen S (2016) A lipidomics study reveals hepatic lipid signatures associating with deficiency of the LDL receptor in a rat model. Biology Open 5: 979-986 More 
    Song K, Rong Z, Yang XF, Yao Y, Shen YS, Shi DQ, Xu ZH, Chen DY, Zheng MH, Jiang Q (2016) Early Pulmonary Complications following Total Knee Arthroplasty under General Anesthesia: A Prospective Cohort Study Using CT Scan. BioMed research international: 5 More 
    Song K, Xu ZH, Rong Z, Yang XF, Yao Y, Shen YH, Shi DQ, Chen DY, Zheng MH, Jiang Q (2016) The incidence of venous thromboembolism following total knee arthroplasty: a prospective study by using computed tomographic pulmonary angiography in combination with bilateral lower limb venography. Blood Coagulation & Fibrinolysis 27: 266-269 More 
    Chu CH, Wang SJ, Li CL, Chen SH, Hu CF, Chung YL, Chen SL, Wang QS, Lu RB, Gao HM, Hong JS (2016) Neurons and astroglia govern microglial endotoxin tolerance through macrophage colony-stimulating factor receptor-mediated ERK1/2 signals. Brain Behavior and Immunity 55: 260-272 More 
    Chen W, Huang Z, Jiang X, Li C, Gao X (2016) Overexpression of myeloid differentiation protein 88 in mice induces mild cardiac dysfunction, but no deficit in heart morphology. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research 49: 6 More 
    Tang A, Shi PL, Song AY, Zou DY, Zhou Y, Gu PY, Huang Z, Wang QH, Lin ZY, Gao X (2016) PP2A regulates kinetochore-microtubule attachment during meiosis I in oocyte. Cell Cycle 15: 1450-1461 More 
    Dong Z, Huang M, Liu Z, Xie P, Dong Y, Wu X, Qu Z, Shen B, Huang X, Zhang T, Li J, Liu J, Yanase T, Zhou C, Xu Y (2016) Focused screening of mitochondrial metabolism reveals a crucial role for a tumor suppressor Hbp1 in ovarian reserve. Cell Death and Differentiation 23: 1602-1614 More 
    Shi GS, Xie PC, Qu ZP, Zhang ZH, Dong Z, An Y, Xing LJ, Liu ZW, Dong YY, Xu GQ, Yang L, Liu Y, Xu Y (2016) Distinct Roles of HDAC3 in the Core Circadian Negative Feedback Loop Are Critical for Clock Function. Cell Reports 14: 823-834 More 
    Wang H, Zhang BF, Zhang TT, Wang L, Zou XY, Xu Y, Chen L, Chen GQ (2016) Impaired Spatial Learning is Associated with Disrupted Integrity of the White Matter in Akt3 Knockout Mice. CNS Neurosci Ther  More 
    Hou JX, Cheng SS, Chen L, Wang QH, Shi Y, Xu Y, Yin ZY, Chen GQ (2016) Astroglial Activation and Tau Hyperphosphorylation Precede to Neuron Loss in a Neurodegenerative Mouse Model. Cns Neuroscience & Therapeutics 22: 244-247 More 
    Xie B, Chen Q, Chen L, Sheng Y, Wang HY, Chen S (2016) The Inactivation of RabGAP Function of AS160 Promotes Lysosomal Degradation of GLUT4 and Causes Postprandial Hyperglycemia and Hyperinsulinemia. Diabetes  More 
    Feng XJ, Weng D, Zhou FF, Owen YD, Qin HH, Zhao JF, Yu W, Huang YH, Chen JJ, Fu HJ, Yang NF, Chen DH, Li JX, Tan RX, Shen PP (2016) Activation of PPAR gamma by a Natural Flavonoid Modulator, Apigenin Ameliorates Obesity-Related Inflammation Via Regulation of Macrophage Polarization. Ebiomedicine 9: 61-76 More 
    Qu ZP, Zhang H, Huang ML, Shi GS, Liu ZW, Xie PC, Li H, Wang W, Xu GQ, Zhang Y, Yang L, Huang GC, Takahashi JS, Zhang WPJ, Xu Y (2016) Loss of ZBTB20 impairs circadian output and leads to unimodal behavioral rhythms. Elife 5: 24 More 
    Liu J, Liang X, Zhou D, Lai L, Xiao L, Liu L, Fu T, Kong Y, Zhou Q, Vega RB, Zhu MS, Kelly DP, Gao X, Gan Z (2016) Coupling of mitochondrial function and skeletal muscle fiber type by a miR-499/Fnip1/AMPK circuit. EMBO Mol Med 8: 1212-1228 More 
    Xu S, Cao S, Zou B, Yue Y, Gu C, Chen X, Wang P, Dong X, Xiang Z, Li K, Zhu M, Zhao Q, Zhou G (2016) An alternative novel tool for DNA editing without target sequence limitation: the structure-guided nuclease. Genome Biol 17: 186 More 
    Liang X, Liu L, Fu T, Zhou Q, Zhou D, Xiao L, Liu J, Kong Y, Xie H, Yi F, Lai L, Vega RB, Kelly DP, Smith SR, Gan Z (2016) Exercise Inducible Lactate Dehydrogenase B Regulates Mitochondrial Function in Skeletal Muscle. J Biol Chem  More 
    Jiang H, Shi H, Sun M, Wang Y, Meng Q, Guo P, Cao Y, Chen J, Gao X, Li E, Liu J (2016) PFKFB3-Driven Macrophage Glycolytic Metabolism Is a Crucial Component of Innate Antiviral Defense. J Immunol 197: 2880-90 More 
    Song K, Rong Z, Yao Y, Shen YS, Zheng MH, Jiang Q (2016) Metabolic Syndrome and Deep Vein Thrombosis After Total Knee and Hip Arthroplasty. Journal of Arthroplasty 31: 1322-1325 More 
    Yao YF, Shi Q, Chen B, Wang QS, Li XD, Li L, Huang YH, Ji JG, Shen PP (2016) Identification of Caspase-6 as a New Regulator of Alternatively Activated Macrophages. Journal of Biological Chemistry 291: 17450-17466 More 
    Lai SS, Zhao DD, Cao P, Lu K, Luo OY, Chen WB, Liu J, Jiang EZ, Yu ZH, Lee G, Li J, Yu DC, Xu XJ, Zhu MS, Gao X, Li CJ, Xue B (2016) PP2Ac alpha positively regulates the termination of liver regeneration in mice through the AKT/GSK3 beta/Cyclin D1 pathway. Journal of Hepatology 64: 352-360 More 
    Jiang S, Shen D, Jia WJ, Han X, Shen N, Tao WW, Gao X, Xue B, Li CJ (2016) GGPPS-mediated Rab27A geranylgeranylation regulates beta cell dysfunction during type 2 diabetes development by affecting insulin granule docked pool formation. Journal of Pathology 238: 109-119 More 
    Wu J, Wang H, Guo X, Chen J (2016) Cofilin-mediated actin dynamics promotes actin bundle formation during Drosophila bristle development. Molecular Biology of the Cell 27: 2554-2564 More 
    Zhang CH, Wang P, Liu DH, Chen CP, Zhao W, Chen X, Chen C, He WQ, Qiao YN, Tao T, Sun J, Peng YJ, Lu P, Zheng KZ, Craige SM, Lifshitz LM, Keaney JF, Fogarty KE, Zhuge R, Zhu MS (2016) The molecular basis of the genesis of basal tone in internal anal sphincter. Nature Communications 7: 10 More 
    Jiang TT, Gao XJ, Wu C, Tian F, Lei QC, Bi JC, Xie BX, Wang HY, Chen S, Wang XY (2016) Apple-Derived Pectin Modulates Gut Microbiota, Improves Gut Barrier Function, and Attenuates Metabolic Endotoxemia in Rats with Diet-Induced Obesity. Nutrients 8: 20 More 
    Kong Y, Li K, Fu T, Wan C, Zhang D, Song H, Zhang Y, Liu N, Gan Z, Yuan L (2016) Quercetin ameliorates Abeta toxicity in Drosophila AD model by modulating cell cycle-related protein expression. Oncotarget  More 
    Zhang LL, Zhou JK, Han JX, Hu B, Hou NN, Shi Y, Huang XX, Lou X (2016) Generation of an Oocyte-Specific Cas9 Transgenic Mouse for Genome Editing. Plos One 11: 10 More 
    Chen L, Chen QL, Xie BX, Quan C, Sheng Y, Zhu SS, Rong P, Zhou SL, Sakamoto K, MacKintosh C, Wang HY, Chen S (2016) Disruption of the AMPK-TBC1D1 nexus increases lipogenic gene expression and causes obesity in mice via promoting IGF1 secretion. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113: 7219-7224 More 
    He XY, Li YJ, Kalyanaraman C, Qiu LL, Chen C, Xiao Q, Liu WX, Zhang W, Yang JJ, Chen GQ, Jacobson MP, Shi YS (2016) GluA1 signal peptide determines the spatial assembly of heteromeric AMPA receptors. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 113: E5645-E5654 More 
    Wu TT, Zhao Y, Wang H, Li Y, Shao LJ, Wang RY, Lu J, Yang ZZ, Wang JJ, Zhao Y (2016) mTOR masters monocytic myeloid-derived suppressor cells in mice with allografts or tumors. Scientific Reports 6: 15 More 
    Su S, Hu B, Shao J, Shen B, Du J, Du YN, Zhou JK, Yu LX, Zhang LR, Chen FJ, Sha HZ, Cheng L, Meng FY, Zou ZY, Huang XX, Liu BR (2016) CRISPR-Cas9 mediated efficient PD-1 disruption on human primary T cells from cancer patients. Scientific Reports 6: 13 More 
    Diao F, Jiang C, Wang XX, Zhu RL, Wang Q, Yao B, Li CJ (2016) Alteration of protein prenylation promotes spermatogonial differentiation and exhausts spermatogonial stem cells in newborn mice. Scientific Reports 6: 12 More 
    Hou SY, Xian L, Shi PL, Li CJ, Lin ZY, Gao X (2016) The Magea gene cluster regulates male germ cell apoptosis without affecting the fertility in mice. Scientific Reports 6: 12 More 
    Luo J, Wang H, Kang D, Guo X, Wan P, Wang D, Chen J (2016) Dlg5 maintains apical polarity by promoting membrane localization of Crumbs during Drosophila oogenesis. Scientific Reports 6: 14 More 
    Li JB, Yue YY, Zhao QS (2016) Retinoic Acid Signaling Is Essential for Valvulogenesis by Affecting Endocardial Cushions Formation in Zebrafish Embryos. Zebrafish 13: 9-18 More 

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